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by Rev. Dr. John Kao

Founding Pastor and Advisor of ACEM

I have always made it a priority throughout my life long ministry with the ACEM churches to pass along the baton. Perhaps the first time was when I handed the baton to Rev. Sam Chan to lead the Lawrence Church, which later became RHCCC. Other successors who picked up my leadership batons at various times and under various circumstancesincluded Rev. Harding Ng (TCCC), Rev Dominic Tse (NYCCC), my coworkers at WTCCC, and Rev. Stephen Yao (the Millilken CCC). Now I find myself passing the baton again to a new ACEM General Director, a position that I gave up and left vacant when I became the General Secretary of CCCOWE in 2001. Since then, I have taken on the role and title of
ACEM Founding Pastor and Advisor.Founding Pastor and Advisor of ACEM

I. The Perfect Will of God in My Illness
My illness this year has prompted me to urgently recruit a new ACEM General Director, a position required by ACEM’s constitution. As Founding Pastor and Advisor, I feel constrained in fulfilling all the responsibilities that are required of a General Director. One such example is that I can only sign the documents for newly ordained pastors on an interim basis, on behalf of the “absentee” General Director. I deeply believe there is a divine will behind my illness and that at the right time He would wonderfully provide the right candidate for the position.

A. Gratitude for love received: I am touched by the prayers and good wishes of pastors, brothers and sisters from the ACEM churches during my illness. Their heartfelt notes and gifts have warmed my heart.

B. Empathy for the ailing brothers and sisters: My bodily aches and pains have opened my eyes to the plight of the sick. Some have endured pain much more severe than mine, but I can now say I can truly feel and share in their sufferings.

C. Patience while waiting for healing: For the last few months, I have undergone treatment with a gastroenterologist at the York Central Hospital for my internal bleeding, but without improvement. This experience has helped me better relate to the woman in the Bible who had bled for twelve years but still had hope for God’s healing. In the meantime, I am learning to live with my cycles of high and low energy levels before and after each blood transfusion performed to boost my haemoglobin counts.

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