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Your Success is our Success

Written by  Rev. Wesley Lim
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I want to first thank our Lord Jesus for His infinite wisdom not only in all that He does in people’s lives but all that He does in the ministries that are entrusted to us as pastors and lay leaders. This is certainly true in our TCCC children fellowship ministry.

In 1990, our church children ministry department started the Pioneer Club Ministry. It is a ministry with duel objectives. First of all, it is to make available a regular program for the children to build Christ-like relationships amongst their peers. Secondly, it is to use the curriculum and programming to invite non-church families with children to attend (outreach).


During the 12 years of this type of fellowship ministry with children, it has been met with not only great support from the church family and church leadership but it also been blessed with many rewards with unchurched kids coming to know Christ; older kids taking the role of leadership; and many parents lending their time and effort to help out.

In 2002, it was decided that after 12 good years with Pioneer Club Ministry, it has run it’s course (in terms of new curriculum). TCCC no longer have a children fellowship program. God is good. God is good to me and my ministry. As I ponder at that time what other ministry that I can replaced the Pioneer Club one God stepped in and allowed me to see the possibility of having a Scout program being done within a church. Well, that glimpse of possibility has now become TCCC’s reality for the last four years. Scout ministry in TCCC have been a success for us for four years.

With the same support from the church family and leadership for my Scout ministry, I was comforted by the fact I can progress along with our church administration to initiate this Scout programming for our kids. Just as much the Pioneer ministry have a duel purposes, our present Scout ministry follows the same two-fold objectives. And just as much as I was blessed with great involvement from the parents and lay leaders in Pioneer Club, our four years of successful Scout ministry is due to the same loyal resources.

For me to receive the Scout recognition award along with our Senior Pastor Rev. Dr. Harding Ng, it was truly a humbling experience for the both of us. Aside from the usual dignitaries that were present in such occasions (MPs, Mayor…), I was quite impressed by just how much the Scout work is growing in our communities and by so many Scout leaders who are veterans in their skills and know-how mentoring the young generation to be the a positive role model.

Our Scout group 100th Markham came into existence only by the immediate blessing of God bringing forth excellent leadership to form our Scout Committee and to allow the leadership to steer the course of its ministry plans. God’s blessings to our ministry became more concrete when the committee leadership along with the groups’ leadership were receptive to attend the regimented training (16 hours) provided through Scout Canada. All of us involved in this Scout Ministry literally have “no Scout experience”  whatsoever and had to learned so many new things only to be able to train the Scout youths to do the same.

God continue to be good and continue to be good to me and my ministry. Our success in Scout work in TCCC is first due to God’s planting a new vision in children fellowship. And the last four years of success is greatly due to the tireless efforts, diligent leadership, fervent discipline, and consistent caring for the youths by our Scout leaders. I am so proud of our Scout ministry and especially proud of all our volunteers and leaders who have sacrificed three of four Saturdays of their family time for ten months only to pursue excellence in scouting with the youths.

I am so honoured by receiving such an award from Scout Canada but I received this award on behalf our entire 100th Markham Scout Group leadership and volunteers who without their involvement and sacrifices success would not have been realised. To this day my testimony of our Scout Ministry is “Your success is our success”. But in the light of our gracious Lord and His blessings, the testimony would be “Our success is His success”.  All glory to God.

(Children Pastor of Toronto Chinese Community Church)

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