2019 – The year of exploration for ACEM

Dominic Tse

Today, as our society is undergoing whirlwind of changes, ACEM churches and all evangelistic organizations must constantly reevaluate the situation, probing all possibilities, so that we can respond more effectively to the challenges of the new world in order to accomplish the great commission that our Lord had entrusted in us so long ago. This year, ACEM will establish three committees to explore strategy in specific areas.

I. Mission Strategy Committee:
In the past 40 years, ACEM has invested most of our resources in the Missions ministries:  supporting missionaries, missions organizations, Christian educations, etc. Until today, our missions still focus mainly on Chinese ministry. Facing the globalization trend, shouldn’t we be more proactive in multifaceted cross cultural missions? As European and American societies walked away from their Christian faith, shouldn’t these areas also become our mission targets?  As Muslims have left the traditional Islamic countries and established themselves in the western countries; how should we adjust our strategy to evangelize them?

In the past, we divide the ministry of missions and church planting based on the national boundaries. In recent years, TCCC and NYCCC have planted churches in Panama and Argentina respectively, both started with the short term mission trips. As more opportunities present themselves, there could be more church planting projects in the Latin America. Should ACEM establish a missions organization in order to facilitate more effective training, caring and supervision of the missionaries? Currently, our support spread over 5 continents all over the world, individual churches each has its own field. Is there the need for better coordination, so that we can efficiently use the resources to provide better support?

II. Church Planting Planning Committee:
Under the leadership of individual churches, the Church Planting committee has already planted a few churches in the past 10 years - some beyond the GTA borders or even extended overseas. The Chinese immigrant population demographic has changed greatly following the change of immigration policies, yet our church planting strategy has remained the same: A lead church planting pastor + a core group→ gatherings→ start church→ become independent→ building church.

As the Chinese immigrants rapidly increasing all over the world, shouldn’t we speed up our church planting process to be more agile and efficient? Instead of following the idea of a single church planting pastor, can we have a church planting pastoral team? In addition to the core team, can we also have short term (>2 years term) groups or other special talent teams (e.g. children ministry, worship team, etc.) to work with the core team to establish and expand the local ministry? Some of these special teams may even be able to support several churches at the same time to accelerate the growth. In addition, shouldn’t we also rethink the roles and relationship of ACEM and the member churches in order to utilize the financial and human resources more effectively so that we can become more efficient in spreading the gospel and building churches for the Kingdom of God?

III. ACEM administrative Structure Committee:
A few experienced pastors in the ACEM Executive Committee have retired. In the next few years, more staff will also reach that stage. ACEM Executive Committee must probe the administrative structure to ensure adequate support for the future ministry development. With the possible changes in the Missions and the Church planting ministries, there is the need to realign the structure of the ACEM staff and their responsibilities. The position of the Executive Committee should also need adjustment. For the future development of ACEM, is there a need of a senior pastoral team to safeguard the tenet of faith of the churches? And to mentor our future workers?

At this time, I have no answer to this whole series of questions. Let’s lift them up to God and pray that our Lord will guide us through this process of exploration. Listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit, ask questions and respond with actions. Trust in our faithful God to lead us to the right direction. 
(Rev. Dominic Tse is the chairperson of ACEM Council, senior pastor of NYCCC.)
*translated by Eugenia Yao


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