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Following His Footsteps

13 January 2016
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Rev. Simon Wong

ACEM General Director


It was by faith that I humbly and obediently accepted my recent appointment as ACEM General Director. This
decision was my response to a renewed calling from God.

The calling came in April 2012 during the RHCCC pre-Good Friday prayer meetings when we meditated on Christ’s journey to Calvary. Over two consecutive evenings of prayers, God spoke clearly to me with a message that rekindled my heart.

I was reminded of Christ’s unwavering determination to endure the cross, bearing the weight of all our sins, to fulfill God’s salvation plan for all humanity. As we sang hymns, one praising Christ’s sacrifice and another reminding me of the rich heritage of faith we have, I was once again compelled to take up my cross. I was reminded that it is only by faith that I can be empowered to embrace new challenges and fulfill His plan for
my life. I surrendered my life to Him again.

2014 has been a year full of turmoil and political unrest. Pandemic diseases and the evil force has been spread unceasingly. Even in Canada cannot be shielded from its influence. It’s only by God’s mercy that we were able to renew our strength, face the challenges of the world and live out a peaceful, joyful and satisfying life.

By His grace, 2014 has been an important year for ACEM to establish different ministries.

PMI-P.E.A.C.E. Missions Institute: In January 2014, the first began. Enrolment by brothers and sisters from various member churches that has a burden for world-wide mission. According to curriculum, first class will graduate in June 2015.

A Perspective of the Mission Ministry at ACEM

Rev. Simon Wong
ACEM General Director


Under the guidance of God, Rev. John Kao accepted a call from CNEC to serve as a missionary and plant new churches in Toronto. His pioneering work in January 1975 led to the establishment of Toronto Chinese Community Churches (TCCC). Rev. Kao has great passion for missions. He set up a missions offering in the first year. Four years later, the first Annual Missions Conference was held. The congregation was encouraged to be involved in global evangelization and gave to the missions fund. Young people joined short term missions. Some became missionaries; others dedicated their lives to God and became pastors of local churches, with missions as important and integral parts of their ministry.


New Global Mission Challenges for Chinese Canadians

Rev. Simon Wong
ACEM General Director


Since the 1980s there were waves of Chinese migration to North America. Many Christians moved to Canada, settled down, grew up and nurtured the next generation. We are now into the second decade of the 21st century; the world’s political landscape has changed. China has emerged as an economic power. There are frequent natural disasters, threats of economic recessions and different stages of democratic movements in the world. With the advancement of electronic communication, places around the globe are easily accessed and connected, providing opportunities as well as risks everywhere.


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