Apr 5

Written by Christine Cheung
02 April 2020
Published in NEWS

  • Please pray for our missionaries, in the fields or have returned to Canada, to stay healthy.  May they continue to bring hope for those who are hopeless and in darkness during this critical moment.

Mar 29

Written by Christine Cheung
26 March 2020
Published in NEWS

  • ACEM office is closed temporarily until further notice. For enquiries, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Tan Yone & Susan Cha (Myanmar) They had stepped down from the administrative work and passed over the leadership role to the second generation. Most of them are children that grown up in Grace Haven

Mar 22

Written by Christine Cheung
18 March 2020
Published in NEWS

Marcio Garica (Brazil) With the constant rains and great floods, water from many rivers invade the lower land, at the month at the Amazon River. It is common for snakes to approach the houses, and a great danger to the natives and families of missionaries.  In less than a month they found two jararacas (very poisonous snake) at EMAF Afu’s base.  Pray for God’s protection, not only from the snakes, but also spiders and scorpions.

Mar 15

Written by Christine Cheung
12 March 2020
Published in NEWS
  • ACEM Missions Special Announcement: As the coronavirus has spread to many countries, ACEM council, after discussion, decided that effective February 29, 2020 to request all overseas short term missions trips (trips whose destination is outside Canada) between February

Mar 8

Written by Christine Cheung
05 March 2020
Published in NEWS

  • Samuel Chiang (USA) Samuel will leave Seed Company in April. May God stir his heart with new assignment.
  • Rev. Simon Wong is preaching at the Cantonese Service of WTCCC this morning.
  • ACEM’s Staff Vacation – Isabella Wong (March 6-16).

Mar 1

Written by Christine Cheung
26 February 2020
Published in NEWS
  • ACEM Israel & Jordan Holyland Tour: Nov 7-17, 2020, explained by local professional tour guide. Leader/Pastor: Rev. & Mrs. Dominic Tse. Cost: CAN $3,999 per person (tax included). Registration form to ACEM office. Itinerary please visit: www.acem.ca. Query: 905-479-2236.

Feb 23

Written by Christine Cheung
18 February 2020
Published in NEWS
  • ACEM Council Planning Retreat will be held on Feb 29.
  • Wendy Hsieh (Home Assignment - Toronto) Wendy’s Ordination Ceremony will be held on March 1, 2020 at 2:30 p.m. at Rexdale Chinese Alliance Church (2459 Islington Ave., Etobicoke).

Feb 16

Written by Christine Cheung
13 February 2020
Published in NEWS
  • ACEM Pastoral Fellowship will be held on Feb 19 (Wed) at 9:30 a.m. at Milliken CCC.
  • Wai Chuen & Chun Oi Chan (Brazil)Mandarin ministry has launched in Niteroi. Please pray for Mr.& Mrs. TL Lee who are assisting in different ministries there.  Praise the Lord that a new church site has been found in Curitiba.  Pray for renovations.
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