1.Selina Lin (OMF) 
Praise the Lord that gave Selina a few gospel sharing opportunities in September and October to the homeless people in Tokyo and also at Selina’s church where she is serving.  In early November, she attended a Japanese church planting conference and was encouraged by many missionaries from other mission organizations. However, Selina is experiencing some health issues

such as back and stomach pain, which affects her sleep. Please pray for her healing and strength to sustain her, especially during the Christmas season when Selina expects to have more occasions to share the gospel. Please also pray for God’s guidance for Selina’s ministry plan in 2023. Selina’s mother has recently suffered from COVID and is still experiencing some fatigue and heart issues. Please pray for her salvation and physical healing. 
2.Bruce Luo (Partners International) 
Bruce had a cerebral bypass surgery 7 months ago, God has healed and led him through his recovery journey.  After Bruce has been discharged from the rehab, he continued to receive physiotherapy for 4 months.  During this long and slow recovery journey, he managed to re-gain more strength by God’s grace.  He now can walk without assistance, move his body more freely, and is more alert. The doctor has mentioned that his speech recovery is the slowest process; however, Bruce managed to say some simple words, sing a few verses of the songs, and even recite some Bible verses.  That’s amazing!  God’s healing power is at work.  Please continue to pray for Bruce’s health as he is still week and suffering from tinnitus.  Pray for his family who has the perseverance to walk through the recovery journey with Bruce till he is fully restored, and back to the mission field.

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