ACEM Supports Missionaries 2019

Au, Peter (EPI)

Cha, Tan  Yone & Susan (CNEC)

Chan, John (Canadian Baptist Ministries)

Chan, Victor (Christian Aid and Relational Evangelism)

Chan, Wai Chuen & Chun Oi(GO International)

Chang, Paul (CNEC)

Chen, Jack (FEB International)

Cheung, Barry (Fellowship of Evangelical Student (HK))

Cheung, Sandy (Chinese Mission Seminary)

Chiang, Samuel (The Wycliffe Seed Company)

Chowattanakul, Frank & Sue ( Interserve)

Chu, Joseph (CEM)

Chu, Joshua (Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada)

Chuang, Henry & Wendy (C & MA Canada)

Deng, Hansen (CCIC)

Duma, Phun & Khuang (CNEC)

Fan, Esther (Crossroads Publications)

Fung, Patrick & Jennie (OMF International)

Garcia, Marcio (Partners International)

Hawkins, Stephen & Esther (Operation Mobilization)

Ho, Rachelle (GO International)

Ho, Stephen & Jenny (GO International)

Hong, Paul & Sarah (Frontiers)

Kan, Michael (Christian Communication Canada)

Ko, Grace (Canada Chinese School of Theology)

Kwok, Prisca (Showers of Blessing Evangelistic Ministry)

Kwong, Andrew & Josephine ( Glow Cambodia)

Lai, James (CNEC)

Lam, Calvin (Showers of Blessing Evangelistic Ministry)

Lam, Cyrus & Pearl (GO International)

Lam, Lewis & Felain (Canadian Baptist Ministries)

Lau, Simon (Operation Dawn)

Lee, Keith (GO International)

Lin, Selina (OMF International)

Ling, Sam & Linda ( Interserve)

Lo, Janice (GO International)

Loh, John & Karen (GO International)

Lu, Henry (COCM)

Lui-Yee, Doris

Luk, Chiu Ming (ABS Centre of Canada)

Lung, Catherine (Far East Broadcasting Associates of Canada)

Luo, Bruce (Partners International)

Ma, Ken (Partners International)

Mah, Randall (Wycliff Bible Translators of Canada)

Mak, L & S (Frontiers)

Malcolm & Amy  (CrossWorld Canada)

McCartney, Colin (Connect City )

Michael, Peter & Rhonda (SIM)

Mori, Larry & Bella (EFCM)

Mulli, Charles & Esther (Mully Children's Family Charitable Foundation)

Najem, Joseph & Doris (Partners International)

Nelson, Scott & Kyoko (TEAM)

Okoyo, George Liboyi ( Changing Times Ministry)

Pang, James (Toronto Chinese Christian Short Term Mission Training Centre)

Rod, Obed (Jesus Network)

Sandström, Michael & Man (CIAM Radio)

Sayers, Don & Rachel (Emmanuel International Canada)

Schalm, Stephen (Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada)

Sha, Valerie (YWAM)

Stiller, Brian (World Evangelical Alliance)

Sun, Nathanael

Sze, Joseph & Winnie (GO International)

Tamang, Nicanor (I.N. Network)

Taylor, Leone (OMF International)

Tham, Nellie (OMF International)

Thompson, Brad (Power To Change)

Ting, Joshua (CCCOWE International)

Tse, Bella (CCIC)

Tsui, Timothy (Christian Communications (Canada))

Tsui, William (Trans World Radio Canada)

Tumtaweetikul, Wichai (MSI)

Van Wijk, Chris & Esther

Vijitrakul, Boonprasert & Boon Har (CNEC)

Vuong, Carol (SEND International of Canada)

Watt, Graham & Jennifer (Power To Change)

Wong, Nicole (Across U-hub)

Wong, Sarah (Interserve)

Wong, Silas (Power To Change)

Wong, Winnie (Toronto CCM Centre)

Wu, Cecilia (Evangelical Fellowship of Canada)

Yan, Chun-Yu (OMF International)

Yee, Joanna (Youth Unlimited)

Yeung, Samuel & Lydia (Power To Change)

Yip, Kitty (Christian Communications Canada)

Yoon, Peter & Elaine (Ethnos Canada)

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