ACEM Supports Missionaries 2018

Au, Peter (EPI)

Cha, Tan  Yone & Susan (CNEC)

Chan, John (Canadian Baptist Ministries)

Chan, Victor (Christian Aid and Relational Evangelism)

Chan, Wai Chuen & Chun Oi(GO International)

Chang, Paul (CNEC)

Chen, Jack (FEB International)

Cheng, Brian & Gloria (Chinese Christian Mission)

Cheung, Barry (Fellowship of Evangelical Student (HK))

Cheung, Sandy (Chinese Mission Seminary)

Chiang, Samuel (The Wycliffe Seed Company)

Chowattanakul, Frank & Sue ( Interserve)

Chu, Joseph (CEM)

Chu, Joshua (Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship of Canada)

Chu, Samuel (Bible Seminary of Hong Kong)

Chuang, Henry & Wendy (C & MA Canada)

Deng, Hansen (CCIC)

Duma, Phun & Khuang (CNEC)

Fan, Esther (Crossroads Publications)

Feng, John (Chinese Family For Christ)

Fung, Patrick & Jennie (OMF International)

Garcia, Marcio (Partners International)

Hawkins, Stephen & Esther (Operation Mobilization)

Ho, Justina (Wycliff Bible Translators of Canada)

Ho, Stephen & Jenny (GO International)

Hong, Paul & Sarah (Frontiers)

Ko, Grace (Canada Chinese School of Theology)

Kwok, Prisca (Showers of Blessing Evangelistic Ministry)

Kwong, Andrew & Josephine ( Glow Cambodia)

Lai, James (CNEC)

Lam, Calvin (Showers of Blessing Evangelistic Ministry)

Lam, Cyrus & Pearl (GO International)

Lam, Lewis & Felain (Canadian Baptist Ministries)

Lau, Simon (Operation Dawn)

Lee, Fiona (Youth Unlimited)

Lee, Keith (GO International)

Lin, Selina (OMF International)

Ling, Sam & Linda ( Interserve)

Lo, Janice (GO International)

Loh, John & Karen (GO International)

Lui-Yee, Gordon & Doris

Lung, Catherine (Far East Broadcasting Associates of Canada)

Luo, Bruce (Partners International)

Ma, Ken (Partners International)

Mah, Randall (Wycliff Bible Translators of Canada)

Mak, L & S (Frontiers)

Malcolm & Amy  (CrossWorld Canada)

Mau, Alice (Toronto CCM Centre)

McCartney, Colin (Connect Leadership Ministries)

Michael, Peter & Rhonda (SIM)

Mori, Larry & Bella (EFCM)

Mulli, Charles & Esther (Mully Children's Family Charitable Foundation)

Najem, Joseph & Doris (Partners International)

Nelson, Scott & Kyoko (TEAM)

Okoyo, George Liboyi ( Changing Times Ministry)

Pang, James (Toronto Chinese Christian Short Term Mission Training Centre)

Sandström, Michael & Man (CIAM Radio)

Sayers, Don & Rachel (Emmanuel International Canada)

Sha, Valerie (YWAM)

Stiller, Brian (World Evangelical Alliance)

Sun, Nathanael

Sze, Joseph & Winnie (GO International)

Tamang, Nicanor (I.N. Network)

Taylor, Leone (OMF International)

Tham, Nellie (OMF International)

Thompson, Brad & Sylvia (Power To Change)

Ting, Joshua (CCCOWE International)

Tse, Bella (CCIC)

Tsui, Timothy (Christian Communications (Canada))

Tsui, William (Trans World Radio Canada)

Tumtaweetikul, Wichai (MSI)

Van Wijk, Chris & Esther

Vijitrakul, Boonprasert & Boon Har (CNEC)

Vuong, Carol (SEND International of Canada)

Wai, Albert (SEND International of Canada)

Watt, Graham & Jennifer (Power To Change)

Wong, Letty (AFC)

Wong, Nicole (Across U-hub)

Wong, Sarah (Interserve)

Wong, Silas (Power To Change)

Wong, Winnie (Toronto CCM Centre)

Wu, Cecilia (Evangelical Fellowship of Canada)

Yan, Chun-Yu (OMF International)

Yee, Joanna (Youth Unlimited)

Yeung, Samuel & Lydia (Power To Change)

Yip, Kitty (Christian Communications Canada)

Yoon, Peter & Elaine (Ethnos Canada)

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