ACEM Ministries

ACEM Ministries

by Rev. Simon Wong

Former ACEM General Director

Our Lord has blessed ACEM abundantly since its founding. ACEM has now grown to twelve churches. ACEM is guided by its Conference, which is formed from the delegates of local churches. In turn, the Conference appoints the Council, which holds regular meetings including annual planning retreats in February. Council members gather together to review ACEM’s ministry direction and analyze the changing environment and needs of the society. The Council makes proposals to the Conference for ACEM to initiate ministries to meet identified needs.

ACEM established the following objectives in the beginning of 2006.


  1. To strengthen printed and electronic communication, as well as provision of resources and support to all ACEM congregations.
  2. To expand effort for church planting, aiming at the establishment of more than 20 church-plants by 2020.
  3. To continue our effort for worldwide evangelism, and consider sending missionaries from ACEM.
  4. To challenge two age groups of members to participate in creative evangelism: The younger generation of Christians to seek professional-evangelistic opportunities in regions where doors for mission are closed; and members who take early retirement to participate in the task of missions.

As member churches are growing, many new brothers and sisters have recently joined. I would like to share the following concise description of our ministries.

  1. Christian Education Ministry
    1. Reaffirm the Statement of Faith annually by all Pastoral staff and delegates of each congregation in order to uphold our Tenets of Faith.
    2. Interviews by an Ordination Examination Committee conduct an ordination to assure the qualification and commitment of pastoral candidates before they are ordained.
    3. Appoint Senior Pastors of member churches.
    4. Sponsor our pastors’ licences.
    5. Provide training and development to members of the pastoral team
  2. World Missions Ministry
    1. Coordinate with member churches to establish guidelines and strategy for missions ministry.
    2. Raise funds for missions with concerted efforts.
    3. Coordinate resources to organize the Annual Missions Conference.
    4. Disburse missions funding to missions and missionaries in different countries.
    5. Interview and approve funding for theological students, interns and missions teams of different congregations.
    6. Assist in the organizing and funding of missions education programs in different congregations.

  3. Church Planting Ministry
    1. Initiate church planting plans in cooperation with member churches.
    2. Recruit and appoint church planters.
    3. Provide funding for initial set up costs for newly planted churches.
    4. Fund church planters’ salaries for the first three years according to a gradually declining scale.
    5. Provide consultation on the operation of new church plants.

4.    Media & Resources Ministry


  1. Publish ACEM Monthly and Annual Compendium.
  2. Publish books, special monographs and produce CDs and DVDs, to meet special needs.
  3. Operate the Resource Centres.
  4. Expand and promote website ministry and speedy dissemination of news and pictures.
  5. Communicate visions, educate members and hold firm our Tenets of Faith.
  6. Share viewpoints and encouragement from readers so as to maintain a unified spirit and vision.


5.    Staff Benefit


  1. Provide member churches with guideline for annual salary adjustment.
  2. Fund group insurance and benefits.
  3. Administer an extended Health & Dental Plan.
  4. Offer matching contributions to staff’s savings registered retirements savings plans.

6.   Others in relationship to social concern and special ministry


  1. Provide office and other resources for member churches that do not own any church building.
  2. Conduct seminars to develop pastoral staff and leaders.
  3. Provide appropriate response and consultation to member churches relating to the changing social environment and issues.
  4. Provide consultation and conflict resolution on internal issues of member churches.
  5. Provide auditing service for all ACEM churches.
  6. Fund joint advertisement for all ACEM churches.
  7. Subsidize joint activities in member churches.

My hope is that this outline is helpful for you to understand the operation and ministry of ACEM. In doing so, we know how we can faithfully pray for the pastors, staff, and volunteers so that fruitful ministries will give glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.


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